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Fine Lines & Wrinkles
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Fine lines and wrinkles are separated into 2 different categories: Static wrinkles and Dynamic wrinkles.


What are dynamic wrinkles?


Dynamic lines are the wrinkles that appear  when you smile, frown, and move your forehead up. These wrinkles occur due to strengthening of the facial muscles through years of facial expression. The strengthening of the facial muscles along with sun damage to the epidermis and  decrease in collagen elasticity are what creates these prominent wrinkles when you smile, frown, and move your forehead muscles up.


Treatment: Botox


What are static wrinkles?


Static lines and wrinkles are the fine lines and wrinkles that you see on the forehead, between the brown, and around the eyes when you don’t smile, move your forehead, or frown. They are basically wrinkles you see when you don’t make any facial expression. Static lines arise from dynamic lines. To fix the static lines, it is recommended that the dynamic wrinkles should first be fixed with botox.  Without controlling the dynamic wrinkles, the static wrinkles will immediately return after treatment.
There are many different modalities to improving wrinkles and fine lines. Some treatments include just a simple light laser that induces collagen to grow more and other more effective treatments include some degree of skin resurfacing either with chemicals or with lasers.



Treatment:   Botox,    Chemical Peels,    Active FX,     Genesis